My life has been a wonderful Whirlwind lately and I've barely been able to share news about projects I have been a part of the last few months.  

My publishing/production team at Tryptic Press finished our 3rd and 4th local artist catalog called Chroma. We were behind on our yearly schedule due to a high demand for us to show off 1-2 at art shows and conventions so we have  chosen to create two companion books at the same time! Look for Chroma volumes 3-4 on July 30th when we launch them in the main gallery at Montserrat College of Art!!!! Visit Event page

also on the docket is a book MCA commissioned from us. Since 2012 they have had a summer series called "Seven" where 7 artists spend a week painting a wall in their main gallery.  We were commissioned to design a book based on this series, spanning the years 2012,2013,2015. The release will be on the same day as CHROMA 3-4 Visit Event Page

This month I am honored to be featured in the comic book "The Accelerators"  released by Blue Juice Comics. I will have a pin-up illustration in the back of issue 12. This was a great project as the Accelerators is a wild story of time travel told in gripping chaos and suspense. I highly recommend it. Check it out here

Ive also been selected, once again, to paint a piano for Boston's second installation of Luke Jerrum's, play me I'm yours. See my web site for the story behind my first time. It's an honor to be involved again as I eagerly await the day! Visit Event Page

2016 has been a productive year for me. Many changes have happened to me in the last year but nothing can stop my passion for making art.  





Accelerator pin up