Trademarc's next album

I'm very excited to announce that I am currently designing the new album artwork for The super-talented Hip Hop MC, Tha TradeMarc. I've done some work for Trademarc in the past. We have collaborated for many years on music related projects. This new album is going to highlight his super personal lyrics that cut through the crap of today's artists with its intellectual approach to self realization. I'm super proud of this new record and know you will love it. Here is a sneak peak of the cover. 


Honest Weight Artisan Beer Co.

I was asked to design a logo for a new brewery in western MA. The owners were inspired by early American metal typefaces and the design of the American dollar.

For this design I'm trying to replicate a hand-made imprint. Human and imperfect. Beautiful but common, simple yet bold.  

I created the texture by inking with both a wet and dry brush on paper. Scanning in the original and digitizing.  Sometimes I'll bitmap the texture other times I'll live trace it. 

The badge was the best way to keep that American concept strong. The uneven pressure marks, of a human hand using a stamp are evident. All this to capture, in my mind, a statement of human craftsmanship. Honest Weight Brewery and I are proud to show off their first logo. Stay tuned here for updates on future designs and follow their facebook page to learn all about their first releases and more! 

States of terror

sneak peak at a draft copy of the States of Terror book coming out soon. This book will feature the Bell Witch illustration I did for the show.


Newest show this month at Vision space gallery in Lynn. States of terror showcases creature folklore of America. A state by state monster of a show!

Opening reception is on Saturday, October 18 at 6pm. 

Sponsered by Sam adam and centerboard.

sneak peak of my contribution.  



August 24th- Art Walk In The Park: Cambridge, MA

Free public art event Sunday August 24th at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Art Walk In The Park will be a full day of artists sharing their work and drawing with the public. Stop by and purchase art directly from local artists, draw with them and share the day talking about creativity in the beautiful park adjacent to MIT and Massachusetts Ave. 



50+ artists! Family friendly and sharing community! Totally FREE! Draw with us!